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Government Loans

Available Government Loan and Mortgage Programs

FHA Loans

An FHA loan or mortgage is insured by the Federal Housing Administration and only requires a down payment of 3.5% of the purchase price. This product is also much more lenient by allowing for a higher percentage of your income towards your monthly debts compared to a conventional loan.

Northpoint Mortgage has a history of helping home buyers with less than perfect credit and/or low down payment options secure an FHA mortgage. Have some past credit problems? Maybe a bankruptcy or foreclosure? Let Northpoint Mortgage help by giving you the options that fit your needs. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you in more detail about how an FHA loan may be the right product for you.

State Loan Programs

Many states have their own special financing programs that they offer but they can vary greatly from state to state. At Northpoint Mortgage we are currently offering the following state programs:

  • New Hampshire Housing
  • Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
  • Rhode Island Housing
  • Massachusetts Housing

Please contact us for more information about these programs from one of our convenient locations in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, and Rhode Island.

USDA Home Loan

Northpoint Mortgage has a strong relationship with each of the local USDA offices throughout most of New England. Our seasoned loan officers have a detailed knowledge of the product and the benefits a USDA home loan can offer you.

A USDA home loan allows for zero down payment and has some flexibility with your past credit history. A requirement for a USDA home loan is that it must be within their designated rural areas and your household income must be within their eligibility limits. If you meet their requirements then this is a great option as it typically has very attractive fixed rates and low PMI costs (private mortgage insurance). We would be happy to run some scenarios for you to see if a USDA loan would fit your needs.

VA Home Loan

Northpoint Mortgage is proud to offer our services to those that are currently serving or have served our country. As a company we proudly support our veterans and all they do to protect our country and freedoms that we all enjoy.

A VA loan is a great program for those that meet the VA eligibility requirements (whether currently serving or past service). The benefits of a VA loan include: zero down payment, competitive interest rates, no monthly MI needed and a streamlined refinance option. The loan officers at Northpoint Mortgage have a detailed knowledge of the product and the benefits a VA home loan can offer you.