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Marketing Automation Tips for Realtors

Part of being a successful real estate agent means building strong relationships with clients, as well as building a strong reputation for your abilities and expertise as an agent. To accomplish this means prompt responses to potential leads as well as maintaining a strong online presence. The process of constant self-marketing may seem daunting and time-consuming and that is where real estate marketing comes in to take tedious, time-consuming tasks and facilitate their completion to be both quick and accurate. There are many platforms and applications available to assist in the automation process and in the following paragraphs we outline some of the best tools to maximize your online presence and get in front of the maximum number of clients.

Maintaining An Online Presence

In a world driven by social media and technology in general, nothing is more important when marketing yourself than maintaining an online presence. Given that most clients start their real estate search online, it makes sense that they would hope to work with an agent who is quick and tech-savvy. When looking to buy or sell a home, one of the first places potential clients will turn is to the internet. Therefore, creating a web page with up-to-date contact information as well as the services you have to offer is essential.

Social Media

Part of maintaining a strong online presence is to present a dynamic version of yourself on social media. Creating a Facebook page detailing your abilities and listings can be amazingly beneficial to help you reach clients in your surrounding area. It is also a great space to share customer testimonials, current listings and promote upcoming events such as an open house or community event. The use of social media can allow for a more narrow search in order to market yourself to your target audience and can allow you to communicate with your clients at the click of a button, a quick alternative to sending an email.

Tools such as FaceBook Manager and Instagram Business are a great way to acquire new leads. They can even allow you to create ads to target various demographics or those who may have a specific interest in buying or selling in your particular area. Keeping your social media posts engaging, professional, and up-to-date is of the utmost importance.

When apartment searching over the past summer I turned to Facebook, joining several groups in which listings in my desired destination were posted. I was able to find the perfect place with the help of a local realtor, whom I never would have found without Facebook.

It is so important to maintain a presence on as many platforms as possible to reach the maximum number of potential clients.

Email Marketing

The main method of communication between realtors and their clients is via email. Therefore, email marketing is an important part of the business. Personalizing campaigns and including call-to-actions are some of the simple ways to begin this process. Some platforms even allow you to segment email subscribers, sending them custom content based on their engagement.

Agreement Signing

One of the most time-consuming aspects of real estate is paperwork and the signing of important documents. Without hashing out the details, there is certainly a lot of room for time wasted on printing, scanning, and faxing documents to clients. There are several platforms available that allow for the digital signing and sharing of documents. This simplifies collaboration between client and agent and certainly will streamline your workflows.

Since marketing is such a vital component to your success as an agent, it is necessary and prudent to take steps such as these to streamline and automate your marketing efforts. This will not only allow you to be perceived as professional but will maximize your future opportunities as well as help you to better communicate with existing clients.

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