Matching high quality leads with performance-driven real estate agents.

Northpoint Mortgage wants to share leads and referrals with real estate agents.

65% of our borrowers come to us without a real estate agent. When this happens, our loan officers select a trusted agent from our database that is organized by county, and sends over the leads.


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Co-branding enables businesses to build or enhance their brand by partnering with another respected business. We will co-brand flyers, social media posts, email campaigns, and more!


Transparency in business leads to trust. And, many consumers only want to support companies they trust. That’s our number one priority here at NPM.


With a cutting-edge marketing team here at NPM,  we run ads everyday on Google and Facebook to get the very best purchase leads in our licensed areas!

Why Join This Free Program?

NPM has developed a marketing strategy that put us in the top searches online for purchase loans. We are an internet based mortgage company with a steady stream of exclusive, qualified leads coming in every single day. This results in many buyers being pre-approved daily through our programs!


We then must find them a local real estate agent to help find them a home. When we refer clients to an agent, we want to be sure that they are in good hands, which is why we developed the Agent Referral Program!

Why join our free referral program? Helping your business will also help our business. It's a win-win. 

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