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Accessibility Statement

We make every possible effort to make this website compliant with the Disabilities Act. If you have advice or comments on how we can improve this website’s accessibility for you or for other users who have disabilities, please do let us know.


This website has been designed with the aim of providing accessibility to all users, including those with disabilities:

The fonts used throughout this website are standardized and are intended to be easily readable and legible across various devices.


The design of this site is intended to rely on text for navigational links (instead of graphics) in order to make the site readable by screen readers and other assistive technology


Our intention is to communicate to you and other site users mainly with textual content instead of relying on color.


Whenever possible, we have all images and hyperlinks with appropriate or descriptive “alt text” or alternative text to help.


Should you or anybody else have some difficulty or challenges accessing any part of this site, please contact us directly through this website, via email, through the mail, or call us on the telephone with your questions, concerns, advice, or comments. We will do our best to assist you!


If you use technology to assist with consuming content on this site, including a Braille reader, a screen reader, TTY (Text Telephone) or TDD (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf) and the format, layout, organization or style of any of the content or material on this website interferes or inhibits with your ability to access the information, please contact us.


To help us serve you better, please include the following information when contacting us:


Describe the nature of your accessibility problem...


What is the URL / web address where the information is located...


What format would you prefer to receive the content or material provided to you...


The best contact information for you...

Web Browser Accessibility Tools:

Nowadays the most popular browsers have accessibility built into it. Likewise, the most popular mobile devices (specifically Android and iOS) have accessibility built into their operation systems.

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