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10 Reasons to Move to New Hampshire

Do you want to learn more about what the Granite State has to offer? We have compiled a list of the reasons why we love New Hampshire. Read on and see if New Hampshire is the right state for you!

Lakes, Beaches, Mountains, Forests, and more

For people who enjoy the outdoors, New Hampshire is a paradise. The New Hampshire Lakes Region is home to over 273 lakes and ponds. The seacoast of New Hampshire has 18.57 miles of coastline where surfers can enjoy waves throughout the year. The beaches are scenic and great for cooling off on a hot summer day where you can also enjoy watersports like water skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, canoeing, and boating. New Hampshire is home to 48 mountains over 4,000 feet in elevation where hikers can explore challenging trails and stunning views. Forests occupy 81 percent of New Hampshire land and there is no shortage of nature to explore throughout New Hampshire.

No Sales Tax

New Hampshire has no sales tax. This can end up saving residents hundreds of dollars or more annually. The lack of sales tax attracts many repeat shoppers on an ongoing basis, particularly residents of the surrounding states.

High Quality of Life

New Hampshire earns high ranks in many different lifestyle categories. These categories include living index, high school graduation rate, family well-being, tax climate, health of the state, liveability, per capita income, safety, and poverty rate. New Hampshire ranks mainly in the top 10 and most often in the top 3 compared to the other states.

Low Risk for Natural Disasters

New Hampshire has a lower risk for natural disasters than most other states. New Hampshire is located far North enough that hurricanes are not as intense by the time they reach the coast. Tornadoes are rare due to the naturally hilly landscape. The most common natural disasters are flooding and snowstorms. To combat those events, the state is prepared to respond and NH is ranked among the top states for emergency preparedness.


U.S. News ranks New Hampshire as the eighth safest state in the United States. It can be broken down to seventh for personal & residential safety and fourth for emergency preparedness. New Hampshire has the second-lowest number of assaults per capita and is tied with North Dakota, Vermont, Utah, Hawaii, and Iowa for low unemployment rates.

Four Seasons

The state of New Hampshire produces four beautiful seasons and is breathtaking during each one. The seacoast is beautiful during the summer months, with sandy beaches and an expansive coastline. The Kangamagus Highway is stunning during the fall months. New Hampshire residents and people from across the country travel to experience the orange, red, and yellow leaves that cover the trees during these months. During the wintertime, the state can be blanketed in snow. The mountains are beautiful and quaint towns like North Conway attract skiers and snowboarders alike. The town is filled with shops and restaurants with a view of the white mountains. During the spring, New Hampshire comes alive and beautiful flowers begin to bud as temperatures rise and the leaves begin to reappear on the trees.

Urban to the Wilderness in a Day

New Hampshire is a smaller state that allows you to explore many different terrains. Down by the seacoast you can experience the ocean feel and just over an hour away you could be surrounded by mountains. The roads are generally in good condition and you can explore all NH has to offer with little driving or travel.

Year-Round Outdoor Fun

All year round, New Hampshire residents have outdoor activities available to them. Surfing, golfing, water skiing, hiking, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, skating are among some of New Hampshire residents' favorites. There is never a shortage of things to do and the landscape of New Hampshire provides residents with the ideal locations to experience these outdoor activities.

Low Unemployment

New Hampshire is known for its low unemployment rate. Jobs are available and the general population of New Hampshire is employed. In June 2021 the unemployment rate was 2.9% compared to the national unemployment rate of 5.9%.

Proximity to Boston

New Hampshire is less expensive to live in than Massachusetts and it can be a great option for someone who is willing to commute into the city but wants to avoid the high rental and real estate costs of the Boston suburbs.

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