Discover Life in New England: 3 of the Best Places to Check Out!

You’ve heard about New England – it’s one of the largest regions in the northeast United States and it is made up of six states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. People from all over the world are drawn to New England for its unique history, culture, and natural beauty. New Englanders are fortunate in that they experience each of the four seasons very distinctly. When you combine this with the incredible landscapes, you will find opportunities to indulge in a multitude of outdoor activities. Read on to learn more about three of the best places to check out when in New England.

Boston, MA

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and a top destination in the New England region. Known for its rich history, sports culture, and local seafood, Boston has established itself as a world-class city that you don’t want to miss. Here are some of the city’s highlights:

-Boston Common & Public Garden:

Directly adjacent to each other are the two parks that sit at the epicenter of Back Bay, Boston. The Boston Common & Public Garden are both beautiful spots for individuals looking for peace and solitude within the bustling city. Free to the public, 365 days a year, the parks offer all sorts of attractions and sights to see, including the famed swan boat tours that visitors flock to daily.

-North End

The North End, or Boston’s Little Italy, is jampacked with some of the city’s oldest buildings, best restaurants, and liveliest culture. Hanover Street is at the heart of the North End, where one can find the best Italian restaurants in the city. The access to the North End’s food alone is a huge perk to living in or around Boston, and pedestrian culture is always thriving here.

York, Maine

York is another historic destination that offers a classic beach town atmosphere, without ever feeling too isolated or outdated. Just a mile inland is the village: a charming hub of local business and community that renders a modern twist on a classic, giving you the opportunity to enjoy fresh smoothies and trendy food or indulge in high-end shopping and dining.

The local history of York is interesting and can be explored as well, for even more fun! To start, the Old York Historical Society will give you the chance to visit nine historic museum buildings, an art gallery, and its splendid gardens. You can also drive down to the Sayward-Wheeler House to get a look into a historic property that was passed through a family lineage that lasted from 1719-1977.

Newport, Rhode Island

Newport is famed for its grand mansions, boats, and ocean views. While outwardly grandiose, the community is laidback and friendly. Any newcomer to the New England region should give Newport a visit and take advantage of some of these day trips:

-Mansion Tours

Over a dozen mansions have been preserved, dating back to the Gilded Age (the period of rapid economic growth in the late 1800s to early 1900s). These architectural feats are now available for visitors to tour and explore.

-Cliff Walk

Newport’s Cliff Walk is a magical little hike that showcases the best parts of the region. For 3.5 miles you’re elevated above the crashing waves of the beach and presented with some impressive views of the Gilded Mansions.

New England has so much to offer extending far beyond its white sand, fall foliage, and expansive lakes. A wealth of travel opportunities awaits in America’s birthplace – it’s a place you truly do not want to miss.

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